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What exactly does progress sound like? What does it look like or feel like? I am consistently surprised by the reaction of others to progress in their own lives… usually because it does not look or feel like they expected.

Many people hesitate to set goals because they feel they don’t know how. What they don’t realize is that setting goals is the easy part. Setting an action plan is also easy. Often, the actions themselves are not that difficult.

What IS difficult is that thing known as the “daily grind”

That exhausting piece of country that lays between where you are and where you want to be.

I’m an avid reader. In fact, if left unhindered I’ve been known to shut myself in my room for days on end, leaving only when necessary to get food, and read entire series’ of books.

Earlier this year though I decided the time had come for me to finally read the Lord of the Rings Triology. Perhaps it was all the excitement surrounding The Hobbit… who knows, but lucky for me my brother got me The Hobbit and the trilogy for Christmas, and I have been slowly pecking my way through their pages.

I’m about three-quarters of the way through The Fellowship of the Ring. And the journey of Frodo and his friends leading up to their arrival to Rivendell reminded me of our own journey’s as we set out towards our goals.

In the beginning, they were excited. A little nervous, sure, but anxious to get going. Their road started out easily enough… walking long hours on a clear path, knowing exactly where they were headed.

Along the road though, things got tough. As obstacle after obstacle came into their path, the “daily grind” began to wear on them. The further into this journey they went, the worse it got. Sure, there were brief moments of respite… but in all honesty each day was more difficult than the last.

Their last obstacle before arriving at Rivendell… crossing the Ford… was the most emotional exhausting and physically dangerous part of their journey thus far. And it was less than one days’ ride to their goal!

I share this story with you because I KNOW how easy it is to become discouraged as you travel from Point A to Point B. You begin with excitement but soon the daily grind begins to wear on you too. You face hardships and obstacles that leave you wondering… “Am I even on the right path?”

For some reason, people are often under the impression that the right road is the easy road. The harsh reality is it is usually quite the opposite.

So as you get road-weary along your journey, I’d like to encourage you: Don’t give up. Don’t turn down another path and certainly don’t turn back. Instead of allowing struggles to discourage you, allow them to EMPOWER you! The night is darkest just before the dawn. The last leg of your journey is going to be the most difficult. If you are facing obstacles that is all the proof you need that you are on the right path!

Don’t conform to the path of least resistance.

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