Consistent Action is a key to Goal Setting Success

Consistent Action Leads to Goal Setting Success!

One of my favorite self development topics is the factor consistent action plays in goal setting success. I suppose that is because the area of consistency is one I still find myself struggling with. Because I am so anxious to master this skill (yes, it is a SKILL) I find myself devouring information on the topic constantly.

I also find it interesting how little the topic of consistency is discussed in relation to its importance. In my opinion, it is consistency that threads together all of the other personal development skills out there. You can every one of them, but if you lack consistency you aren’t going to arrive anywhere very fast.

Consistent Action + Time = Success

This formula can be applied to any area of your life or mine. Diet and Exercise. Business. Relationships. Finances. Sports. Spirituality. The list goes on and on.

With the Olympic Games looming, all eyes have been on the hopefuls working hard to achieve their goal of representing their country in their given sport. For the past few months and now the final weeks leading up to the Olympic Games the athletes are going through interviews and public appearances in addition to their already grueling workouts. What some people fail to notice though is that NONE of these individuals would be in the public eye today if it were not for the consistent action they have been putting in for the past several years when no one else was watching.

Day in and day out these athletes have been hitting the gym with their trainers whether they felt like it that day or not. I’m sure there were days 2-3 years ago when many of them said to themselves, “The Olympics are still a few years away… I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt for me to take a day off.” And it probably wouldn’t have hurt them THAT day. But did you know that taking one day off per week for 3 years is the same as taking over 5 MONTHS off from training for the Olympics? Consistency is HUGE when you are looking at the big picture.

Another example of consistency I have witnessed in my own life recently is with my horse Kenney. After recovering from a recent head injury he was jumpy and nervous about just about everything. To help get him back in shape (more mentally than physically) I put him in training with Patty, my trainer, 2 days per week. Several weeks went by and we just weren’t seeing much progress — it seemed like we were always taking one step forward and 2 steps back. I made the decision to move him to full training and within a week of consistent work he was already much improved. Within 2 weeks we hardly recognized him and now, a little over a month later, he is behaving better than he has since I purchased him a year ago!

Consistency was the missing piece of the puzzle. What’s interesting is it took a few weeks of inconsistency to bring it to light!

Think about areas in your own life in which you have been inconsistent. Like most people, you probably tend to be consistent in some areas but find it heavily lacking in others. If you want to be successful in ANY area, consistency must become a part of your strategy. There is no exception.

Even our bodies thrive on consistency. Have you ever been on vacation and enjoyed a huge breakfast buffet? You ate as much for breakfast as you sometimes do for all 3 meals combined, and yet by the afternoon your body was already telling you it needed more food. Science has proven that the body thrives better from 3-5 small meals a day rather than 1-2 large meals. It is better able to digest the food, take in the nutrients and discard the waste rather than storing things it does not need.

Sleep is another great example. Just because you sleep 12 hours one night does not mean you will be able to skip sleeping the next night.

Take a look at your goals and do some self-examination of your consistency. Review the action steps you need to be taking and be honest with yourself when asking if you have been consistent in implementing them. If you have a goal who’s achievement has been allusive to you, chances are consistency is the piece you are missing.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, consistency is something I still find myself struggling with in certain areas of my life. I recognize its importance though and am bound and determined to master it! My challenge to both of us is to remain consistent in the actions that will lead you to your goal for the remainder of the week. 4 days. Anyone can be consistent for 4 days. Then wake up Monday morning and challenge yourself again.

The funny thing about consistency is that it can be hard to see the results OR the consequences immediately. It is the next piece in the formula, TIME, that will either promote you or expose you. No one may be watching you now… but over time they will be. You will either become the person who achieved your goals because you were consistent or the person who is still in the same place because you weren’t. The choice is yours. The choice is mine. Goal Setting does not have to be a lost cause… make the right choice and absolutely NOTHING can stand in your way!

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