Four Freedoms: The Real Promise of Network Marketing

For many years my now my business partner and I have branded our team in our primary company as “Free to Relax”. It’s been too long now for me to remember exactly how that name came about, but nevertheless it’s become so much more than a name to us and to those on our team who are working diligently to achieve their goals through their network marketing business.

We’re often asked, “What does ‘Free to Relax’ really mean?” and to me, that answer is very simple:

Being Free to Relax means having the time and the money to do the things you want to do without being tied down to a specific location or to the typical stresses of everyday life. 

This lifestyle is the promise of network marketing, and it’s available to anyone who commits to daily, consistent action in their business along with a continued journey of personal and professional growth. Let me explain:

Virtually every network marketing presentation you’ll hear will talk time and financial freedom. As the millennials have grown up and begin entering (and thriving) in our profession the promise of being able to “work from wherever” (locational freedom) without the typical stresses of every day life (emotional freedom) have become even more prevalent.

Financial Freedom: The definition of Financial Freedom is pretty simple. It exists when your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. Network Marketing is by no means the ONLY way to achieve financial freedom — in fact, I was recently enrolled in a life coaching course in which financial freedom was the focus topic and the majority of the enrollees were NOT network marketers. Real estate, stocks, and other investments create the opportunity for financial freedom, but network marketing is an incredibly simple way for the average person to create a passive, residual income without a large startup investment (something most people simply do not have).

Industry veteran Richard Brooke has written an incredible article entitled Networth Marketing that’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time if you want to understand the asset value of your network marketing business.

Time Freedom: Time freedom (another big pull for millennials) is simply being able to have the time to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. Personally, this was one of the biggest pulls for getting me into the network marketing industry. You can always find ways to make more money, but time is something you can never get back! Now don’t get me wrong… one of the major mistakes people make that keeps them from succeeding in their network marketing business is to treat their part-time business like a some-time business. If you want to build a full time income in network marketing you need to schedule 10-15 hours a week working on 6 specific daily tasks — the benefit if you get to schedule these hours around your LIFE, rather than trying to fit your life in around your career. Schedule those important things first… the soccer games, school parties, football games, charity events and family vacations… then schedule your business into the nooks and crannies in between. As your income grows, the time invested each week in your business stays the same or even goes down… eventually you will be earning a lucrative full-time income in exchange for working just a few hours a week. That is the time freedom available through network marketing.

Locational Freedom: I first heard the phrase “work from wherever” from online entrepreneur and business coach Melanie Duncan. In this age of the internet there has never been more opportunity to build a business online giving you the freedom to truly work from wherever you please… whether that be curled up on the couch while your children run around the house, sitting in a lounge chair on the beach or on an airplane as you fly across the globe. While there are many online business models that allow you to work from wherever, network marketing is one of the few industries that allows the average person to come in with a low investment and plug in to a proven system they can succeed in, regardless of their skills or experience. You don’t have to be an expert to succeed in network marketing!

Emotional Freedom: As someone who’s experienced all sides of the entrepreneurial coin let me tell you, this is a big one. I’ve been involved in traditional businesses, both firsthand and through simply observing ventures pursued by those close to me, and when it comes to building a life of emotional freedom network marketing wins, bar none. For those who aren’t entrepreneurs stress often comes in the form of a boss (or bosses) dictating your schedule and agenda, corporate policies, and a lack of fulfillment or feeling adequately rewarded for the work you’re putting in. As an employee it’s almost impossible to create complete control (freedom) in your career. For entrepreneurs in the traditional business field employees, high overhead, cash flow and economic ebbs and flows are just the beginning of the problems that can rob a person of their emotional freedom. In network marketing you have a corporate team as well as your team in the field who have a vested interest in your success. Rather than competing with one another you work to encourage and build one another up, and in most network marketing companies you have virtually no overhead or inventory, have no employees, and no boss. Where else can you get those perks while also having a support team of hundreds or thousands of people ready to help you the minute you get started?

You’ll never hear me say that network marketing is the ONLY way to design a life full of these 4 freedoms. We live in a day and age where opportunity has never been greater, and there are many paths a person can take to create and live whatever kind of life they choose. That being said, for the average person I truly believe network marketing is the best way to design a life of financial, time, locational and emotional freedom with a low startup investment and minimal hourly investment each week. Within 2-4 years you can be earning a lucrative full time income that far exceeds anything you thought possible.

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