5 Strategies to Help You Push Through Fear and Reach Your Goals

This is the third and final part of our series on the Fear of Success: what it is, why it happens and today, how to overcome it.

If you’re not familiar with the fear of success and the role it can play in robbing you and those on your team of reaching their goals in life and business, I encourage you to go back to part 1 and part 2 of this series to learn more!

Without further ado though, let’s jump in and tackle these 5 simple strategies you can implement immediately begin overcoming your fear of success and finally achieve those goals you’ve had for so long!

5 Strategies to Help You Overcome a Fear of SuccessHow to overcome a fear of success:

1) Begin by deciding: What does “success” mean to you? Sometimes we have a fear of success when we buy into someone else’s definition of the word and lose sight of what it means to use personally. Ultimately success is the continuous pursuit of a worthy goal. There is no wrong or right here, simply what is wrong or right for you!

Start by crafting a vision of what your ideal life looks like. Comment below if you’d like a free copy of my Perfect Day workbook, which will walk you by the hand by helping you discover exactly WHAT success means to you, not only in your business but in all the important areas of your life.

2) Once you have a clear vision, you can set GOALS that are in accordance with that vision: When you have a crystal clear picture of the lifestyle those goals will actually produce (your vision) it removes some of the fear of the unknown and the fear of change that sometimes lead to an overall fear of success!

Your vision and goals then provide the emotional connection between the actions you need to take every day and the life those actions will create.

3) Identify the price of NOT taking action: Sometimes we forget to look at the price of failure when it comes to achieving our goals. Once you’ve crafted your vision, take an honest look at the consequences of NOT taking action every day. For those who feel they may not DESERVE the success they are pursuing, being really honest about how your own lack of success will affect those you love and care about as well as all the business partners and customers your success will impact helps you realize that your success is NOT about you. It’s about others. Yes, you absolutely deserve success. And the world also deserves for you to be successful!

4) Spend each morning reviewing your vision, goals and a list of positive affirmations: This simple morning routine will help build your belief and confidence and keep you inspired to take action each day. The combination of these 3 things — vision, goals and affirmations will help you accept your success not only as a possibility, but as an inevitability that has the power to impact not only your life, but the lives of those you care about most and the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people you’ve never met yet.

5) Take it one step further: commit to a daily personal development practice and spend 30 minutes each day reading or listening to some kind of personal development material. This isn’t the same as your spiritual books or business skill books (both of which are also important) but are books and audios that can help you build your own belief in yourself, alter your mindset about success, entrepreneurship, money and your overall world view. As you grow your fear of success will diminish and eventually disappear altogether.

I hope you enjoyed this series on identifying and overcoming the fear of success. If you got value from any of the articles in this series, please feel free to share!

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