I was very fortunate at the beginning of my network marketing career to be plugged into a team who had a strong culture of personal and professional development. From my very first week in the business it was said to me, “Your network marketing business will only grow as fast as you do.” – and since I wanted my business to grow fast, I decided right then to make my personal and professional development a priority.

I’d like to say I honored that commitment and immediately developed the habit of spending 30-60 minutes each day working on my personal growth and developing my business skillset, but that wouldn’t be true. Like so many others, I let the “busyness” of life get in the way, rationalizing that I just “didn’t have time”. What a HUGE mistake that was!

My first few years in business were a series of false starts and mis-steps… then finally, fed up and frustrated with the lack of growth I was seeing in my organization, I renewed my commitment to personal and professional development and began spending time in each of those areas on an almost daily basis.

That year my business grew exponentially, and my team went from doing right around $4000 in sales each month to over $50,000 each month. I attribute that growth 100% to my own commitment to personal and professional development and the commitment we instilled in our team by promoting that same culture throughout our organization.

When you stop looking at personal development as a minor player in your business, and look at it instead as a major factor in both the speed and direction in which your business will grow, you’ll finally be in the mindset to make it a priority in your daily routine.

You, your family, your business, your dreams and goals… they DESERVE your commitment to a daily personal development practice! Your business WILL only grow as fast as you do, which means it’s time to get serious and commit to your own personal and professional growth.

To help you get started, I’ve listed a few of my top PERSONAL development books. You’ll notice these are about growing YOU, not your network marketing skills. Professional development is equally important, and I recommend you choose 1 key skill area (prospecting, presentation, duplication, leadership) you’d like to improve on and focus on developing your skills in that area for 30 days… but this is NOT the same as personal development!

A daily personal development practice will help you become the person worthy of achieving the goals you’ve set. It will help you develop a success and entrepreneurial driven mindset, learn how to handle the emotional rollercoaster that is home business ownership, help you overcome fears and thought patterns that are holding you back, keeping you stuck or even causing you to backslide.

If your business is stagnating it can virtually ALWAYS be traced back to a personal development issue of some kind… yes, maybe a person isn’t taking the actions they need to take in their business, but I’m more concerned with figuring out WHY they aren’t taking them, the root of the issue, and solving the problem from there. Action is not the starting point of success, but rather a critical piece in a much larger puzzle:

Your success or failure in any area will always go back to your philosophy (what you know and how you hold that information), which is why committing to personal growth in order to constantly expand and evolve your philosophies is critical to success.

That being said, here is a list of 5 personal development books you deserve to read if you want to grow your business:

1. Mach II With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation by Richard Bliss BrookeThis book will help you develop a vision for exactly what you want your life to look like, creating the emotional connection between your daily actions and where you want to go. This emotional connection will keep you self motivated as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, empowering you to take action on your goals each day.

2. The Slight Edge by Jeff OlsonEvery day in every way you are either getting better or you’re getting worse. As hard as that might be to swallow, understanding this concept sooner rather than later can dramatically affect not only your business, but every other area of your life. This book will help you understand how even the smallest of actions (or inactions) have a profound impact on your business and your life. 

3. Maximum Achievement by Brian TracyThis book will cover everything from helping you develop the mindset of success, set goals in such a way that they are actually achievable, overcoming fear and other mental obstacles and educate you on mental laws so you can leverage them to improve in virtually every area of your life. 

4. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn GrabhornThis book will take you past the idea of positive thinking and into the realm of positive feeling, teaching you how to feel positive, upbeat, and optimistic regardless of the outside factors going on in your life in order to attract more positive into your life. This is one of those books that can take you to a whole new level if you’ll let it.

5. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown — In a world where we are taught that vulnerability is a weakness, this book will help you learn how to dare greatly in every endeavor, even if that means failing spectacularly. The only people who fail are those who dared to do something that was great enough to where failure was an option… you’ll never fail by playing it safe, but you’ll never succeed either. Having the courage to put yourself out there is the only way to reach your full potential in this life. 

In addition to personal and professional development my business partner and I teach 4 other daily practices in our simple formula that helped our team go from $150,000 to over $1,000,000 in volume in less than 2 years. We’ll be sharing this exact formula in a free live training webinar coming up soon… Click Here to Reserve Your Seat Now!

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