Define Success | The Pursuit of a Worthy Ideal

I was doing some research for a project yesterday on the definition of “success”. We hear the word all the time, but if you asked 100 people what define success means to them, you would likely get 100 different answers.

A quick google search reveals the definition of success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; a person who achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

I love that word or.

Prosperity is not a requirement of success, although it plays a factor for many people.

What I love most is the phrase the accomplishment of purpose. And if you ask me, that phrase pretty much sums up what success means.

The reason you could ask 100 people to define success and receive 100 different answers is because success looks different to every person. We are all unique… and with that uniqueness comes a purpose that is all your own.

Success is not about fame or fortune. It’s not about a fancy house or a fast car, or about traveling the world. Do successful people often have those things? Absolutely! But here’s the secret… unsuccessful people have them to.

I don’t think anyone has said it better than Earl Nightingale when he said, 

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal ideal.” 

Success is a journey. Success is progressing a little bit every day in the direction of your dreams. Success is knowing that today, you are just a little bit better than you were yesterday… that today, you are just a little bit closer to fulfilling your purpose and passion in life!

Do you want to be successful? 

Start by defining a worthy goal or ideal. It can be anything, as long as it’s yours! 

What fires you up? What gets you out of bed early and has you staying up late? What gets the wheels in your head turning? What gets your heart pounding with excitement and possibility?

When you know the answer to those questions… when you are able to define what an ideal life looks like to you, then you can decide what actions you need to focus on in order to make it real.

Success is not the action… it’s where the actions take you.

The actions themselves are often mundane and tedious… it’s how you do them and why that gives them purpose. You can make it through the most mundane of tasks if, in your heart, you know they will ultimately lead you to your destination… your purpose.

Don’t believe me? Just look at an airport.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who truly ENJOYS the atmosphere… the long lines, being herded through security, the running from gate to gate, the missed flights, the lost luggage… and yet millions of people visit airports every day. Why? Because they know the task will get them to their destination… and they know they can make it through the not-so-fun part if it means making it to that sandy beach, or home to their family for Christmas.

Start with a worthy goal or ideal, then define the actions that will make it real.

Take action every day.

Get a little bit better… a little bit closer… every day.

That is how you define success.

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

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