The Day You Decide to Be Successful

“Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.”

Reading that quote by Tony Robbins, people typically have one of two responses:

1) Hell yes.
2) Hell no.

Regardless of which camp you fall in, I have a request: keep reading. It will certainly be worth your time.

When you decide to do something it creates a powerful shift in your mindset. The “something” that’s been a possibility suddenly becomes an inevitability. It’s no longer about IF it happens, it’s about WHEN it happens.

As an entrepreneur you will likely be able to look back at the end of your life and pinpoint exact moments of decision that had a vast impact on your success for the next several years (or even decades)… I’m only 29, and can already pinpoint 3 of those moments in my own life, each of which resulted in quantum leaps in my business, my thought processes and ultimately, in who I am as a person.

The day you decide to be successful is the day that will impact your future forever. When your success becomes inevitable you immediately begin to think, believe and behave in a completely different manner… as if you’ve not just begun, but already achieved the goal you’re going after.

The first moment of decision that stands out to me is the day I picked up a book entitled Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. I read the first chapter on January 1st, 2008. It was entitled “Make Your Life a Masterpiece” and for the first time I understood the power we each have to truly design and live any life we want without limitation. It was in that moment I decided I would never settle for less than the life I was created to live.

The second moment came on May 15th 2010 at a launch even for a new network marketing company I had recently partnered with. Although I’d experienced a taste of success and had created a modest full-time income with my previous company, I still had some limiting beliefs around my own ability to create a successful organization and the time it took to do so. When our CEO got on stage to announce an upcoming contest for a free cruise, I decided in that moment that I would be on it, no matter what. When he later announced the qualifications it didn’t matter that I would have to do in 90 days what it had taken me 3 years to accomplish with my prior company… the decision had already been made and for the next 90 days my thoughts, beliefs and (most importantly) my ACTIONS reflected that decision. I have to say, I’ve never been so excited to step on a cruise ship in my life, and likely won’t ever be as excited again. It was not the cruise, but the beliefs and thought processes that accompanied that accomplishment that were so powerful to me!

The third moment is perhaps the MOST powerful, and is not related to business at all. When I was 15 years old I had the opportunity to ride a horse that became very special to me. Although I never voiced it out loud, I often imagined earning my United States Dressage Federation bronze medal on this horse as I would ride him around the arena — it was a pipe dream at the time, as not only was he not my horse, but neither of us had the training for that to be possible.

I was only able to ride this horse for a few months before he was sold, and I remember crying multiple times after he was gone. As the years went by I never forgot him though, and even included a photo on my dream board that reminded me of him… my promise to myself that I would one day own a horse like that.

To make a (very) long story short… 8 years later I found this horse in a classified ad online, and purchased him on the spot. It was a dream come true, but he had been sold 3 times since my trainer had owned him and had not been taken care of very well. He was now older with arthritis being the least of his [many] physical issues, along with a LONG list of emotional/mental issues that made him very unsafe to ride.

I didn’t care. I was going to earn my bronze medal on that horse. I decided it the day I found his classified ad, and when I took him to my new trainer 6 months later and told her she looked at me like I was crazy, but simply said, “Okay.”

From that moment on my beliefs, thoughts and the combined actions of everyone who helped me reflected that decision. It didn’t matter that my horse did not have the training, the physical ability or the emotional capacity to compete at the level required to earn a USDF Bronze Medal… we were going to do it anyway. It took 4 years, thousands of hours of training, physical and emotional rehabilitation, but on August 2, 2015 we earned our final score and our bronze.


Kenney and me 2 weeks after I bought him in May 2011

Kenney and I after earning our USDF Bronze Medal in August 2015

Kenney and I after earning our USDF Bronze Medal in August 2015











You see, when you make the decision to be successful in any endeavor the outside factors become irrelevant. They are simply puzzles that require solving… no longer a matter of IF they can be overcome, but simply how and when.

When you make a decision, your belief shifts from possible to inevitable. And when something is inevitable you are no longer willing to take no for an answer because there IS no other answer but yes. Yes it is possible. Yes you can do it. Yes you will.

If you’re having a hard time believing and accepting the things written in this article, I’d like to invite you to go on a journey of personal development to expand your beliefs, thought patterns and mindset around success. The first two books I recommend are Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, and Mach II With Your Hair on Fire by Richard Brooke. There are many, many great books out there… but even just these two hold the power to change your thinking and alter your beliefs around success and what’s possible in your life.

It really IS possible to design and live whatever kind of life you want. You don’t have to settle. And it begins with a decision.

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