Use This Secret Strategy to Accelerate Your Success

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your success? Create a Vision Board! Some of you will read this and immediately dismiss it as cheesy… corny… silly. Others will read and say, “Yeah right, no way that will work.” That’s fine. I’m here to talk to those who are really serious about hitting the accelerator on their goals… the ones who are so serious, you will read this and immediately apply it.

So what is a Vision Board? 

Simply put, a vision board is a collection of photos that represent your goals, printed out and displayed in a prominent location for you to see every day. It is a daily, visual reminder of what you’re working toward and WHY. A visual interpretation of the lifestyle your success will create.

It may sound obvious, but it’s pretty hard to create a vision board without first having a vision. If you need help with that part, click here for a free tool to help you.

Your vision is a crystal clear picture of your ideal life. A life 3-10 years in the future where you’ve pursued and attained your most worthy goals in every area of your life. Once you have vision, it becomes simple to pick out a few visual reminders to print and add to your vision board… a daily reminder of the why behind your goals.

How Do You Create a Vision Board?

It’s really pretty simple. Just print, cut and paste! I’m talking about the old school kind of cut and paste… you know, with scissors and glue 🙂 Once you’ve written out your vision for the future, read through it and choose 3-5 key results you want to have as visual reminders on your vision board. This can be a picture of your dream house… your dream car… a dream vacation destination or an award. It can be anything that speaks deeply to you, and reminds you why you are working toward your goal!

Once you’ve decided what you want to go on your vision board, it’s time to find the photos that best represent them!

[hint: Google Images is your friend!]

If you’re able to take an actual photo of a result you want, that’s even better! When my husband and I were engaged we took a photo of a house we loved in our favorite neighborhood in town. It seemed completely out of reach at the time [he was a recent college graduate and I was a brand new network marketer], but lo and behold about a year later we had closed on our very first home… and it was on the same street as the photo on our vision board!

Don’t get tripped up if you can’t take an actual photo though. More times than not, this is the case, and your vision board will still be just as powerful!

Cut out the photos and paste them to a piece of paper. Then, in your own handwriting, write out what that photo represents:

For example, under the photo of your dream home you would write, “My dream home!” Yes, it really is that simple!

Hang the images on a wall or bulletin board in a place where you can see them prominently each day. For me, this is right above and around my computer screen… a daily visual reminder of what I’m working for when I sit down each day!

What If I Don’t Have a Good Place to Display My Vision Board?

No worries! You can take your photos, put them in sheet protectors and insert them into a 3-ring binder!

The key here is to not allow yourself to create the binder then put it away and never look at it again. Create a habit of looking at your binder each day as a reminder of what you’re working towards!

Does This Vision Board Stuff Really Work?

Yes it does! And no… it’s NOT magic!

Having a vision board with visual reminders of your goal activates the law of TOMA — Top Of Mind Awareness

Let me explain what I mean:

Have you ever purchased a new car (let’s say a Jeep Wrangler, for example) and suddenly you are seeing Jeep Wranglers EVERYWHERE?

You may have though… “Wow. So many people have bought Jeep Wranglers the same time I have! That’s so weird!”

No, it isn’t. It’s simply TOMA.

The Jeep Wranglers have ALWAYS been there, you just didn’t notice them! Your brain is assaulted with so much information on a daily basis, you would go insane if you actually processed it all. Your conscious mind receives information through your 5 senses. That info is then sent immediately to your subconscious mind, where it is compared against previously stored information. If the new info is recognized as being something important, it triggers a response in your conscious mind to make you aware of it.

Hence, TOMA.

By seeing the photos on your vision board on a daily basis, those things become flagged in your subconscious as something important. It will then constantly be on the lookout for information related to those items — making you aware of the people and things that will bring you closer to and help you achieve your goal.

This essentially is the Law of Attraction. Not magic… just TOMA!

By creating your vision board you will become aware of ALL the things you encounter on a daily basis that can help you achieve your goal and make it a reality. And you’ll find those things start to show up in some of the most surprising and unexpected ways!

I won’t bore you with story after story of all the amazing ways the things on our vision board have materialized over the years, but we attribute our vision board to finding my dream horse on a random classified ad online, buying my husband’s dream car before it was even for sale, spending a week in Paris in a flat with a rooftop terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower, vacationing in one of the top resorts in the world on the cliffs of Santorini and so many other wonderful things.

Did we have to work for it? Absolutely! But our vision board accelerated the process by keeping us aware of the opportunities around us!

Now remember, you can’t create a vision board without a vision!

I’ve created a great free tool to help you create your vision… you can click here to get your free copy. Then, set aside a couple of hours and create your vision board! I promise, it’s a LOT of fun!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez

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