A Simple Daily Routine for Your Network Marketing Business

Are you looking for a simple daily routine for your network marketing business? Here’s my advice: Keep it SIMPLE! I was once told by a mentor [and one of the TOP earners in our industry]… if an 8-year-old can’t do it, you’re making it too difficult!

Success in network marketing comes down to 3 basic activities that, when performed with FOCUS and INTENTION can be completed in under an hour a day [especially when your first starting out].

Here are the 3 activities you should ALWAYS include in your daily routine for your network marketing business:

  1. Prospecting: Also known as inviting, this activity is simply finding people to talk to and inviting them to take a look at your business. This can be done in a multitude of ways: your warm market list, meeting people through social media [not to be confused with SPAMMING], purchasing online leads, generating online leads through social media, blogging or online advertising, lifestyling [also known as walking and talking], referrals, etc. There is literally NO END to the number of ways you can meet people to introduce to your business opportunity! Pick a few strategies, commit to getting really good at them and stay consistent to create success!
  2. Presenting: This step comes AFTER the initial invitation and, much like prospecting, can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. Presenting is simply sharing your business opportunity presentation with those who have agreed to take a look. You can do this through a recorded video, conference call or webinar, a live conference call or webinar, a one-on-one presentation over lunch or coffee [flip charts are perfect for this kind of presentation!], a live in home meeting, etc. Just don’t forget the GOLDEN RULE of presenting: if your mouth is moving, your finger should be pointing! In other words — use the tools provided by your company or upline! Don’t try to give the entire presentation from memory… or all your prospect will be thinking is “I can’t do that!” Push play, read from a flip chart or get them to a live meeting where an upline leader will be presenting. It duplicates and your prospect will see firsthand how simple sharing the business can be!
  3. Duplicating: This word can cause some confusion if you don’t know what it means. To put it simply, duplicating is teaching those who choose to join you how to do what you’re doing! When a brand new distributor joins your team make sure you immediately plug them in to the training and resources provided by your sponsor, upline and company. These are things like facebook support groups, email newsletters and training websites. Help them create their list and teach them what to say to people when they invite them to look at the business. Then, offer to accompany them for their first few presentations to the ones who agree to take a look! The phrase to remember with duplication is I Do, We Do, You Do: I [the sponsor] will do the presentation the first time while You [the distributor] watch. Then, We will do the presentation together with your next prospect. After that, You can do the presenting yourself, but I will ALWAYS be available to answer questions or get on a three-way-call with your prospect when you need help!

Building a successful network marketing business is not easy, but is IS simple. By focusing on these THREE activities consistently — a minimum of 4 days per week for 2-4 years — you can create the network marketing business you desire!

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Jordan Maylea Ramirez
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