5 Ways to Improve Duplication Within Your Team

Building a network marketing business is not difficult. I also wouldn’t say it’s easy… but it is simple.

To succeed in network marketing you must develop (within yourself and your team), three basic skills:

1) Prospecting (find people to talk to)
2) Presentation (talking to the people you find)
3) Duplication (teaching those who join you how to do the same)

Unfortunately, many people get stuck at the very first step. They contact a few family members and friends… experience mild to moderate results… “run out” of people to talk to…. and then they quit.

It’s a sad reality of our profession, but a reality nonetheless.

So let’s say you’re one of the more fortunate. Let’s say you’ve mastered the art of finding people to talk to, and that you’ve even learned how to talk to those people you find so that a healthy percentage of those people join your team.

How can you… as an upline leader… set your people up for success in this wonderful profession we call network marketing?

I’ve got some tips for you on how to improve the duplication within your team. Let’s take a look at them:

First, let’s expand on our definition of duplication.

Duplication says: Whatever I am about to do with you, must be able to immediately do, with the next person you meet, whether that person is across the table, across the state, across the country or across the world.

That’s a pretty lofty statement, isn’t it? Lofty, yes. But thankfully… it can be also be simple.

5 Ways to Improve Duplication Within Your Team

1) “I Am the Messenger, Not the Message” — Make this phrase your mantra. Take YOURSELF out of the equation. Become the messenger, not the message.

The messenger uses tools to share the business opportunity with prospects. Flip charts, webinars, replicated websites, catalogs, brochures, company calls, etc, etc.

I was once taught by a mentor of mine…. If your mouth is moving, your finger had better be pointing.

In other words, if you find yourself doing too much talking without a tool in front of your prospect’s nose, then you’ve likely turned yourself into the message.

It takes an expert to be a message… but anyone can be a messenger.

2) ABC, 123 —┬áHere’s a question to ask yourself: When a brand new person joins your team, what is the first thing you ask them to do?

Do you direct them to a website? Do you have them make their list? Do you “wing it”?

Our team has always had a SIMPLE, step-by-step training system in place that will walk someone by the hand as they make the journey from network marketing newbie, all the way to team leader.

Our system is in the form of a website, if your team isn’t quite that big yet, your can be in the form of a checklist. It doesn’t have to be ultra-sophisticated, it just needs to be the same… all the way across the board.

A great way to get this started is to create a “standard welcome email” that will go out to EVERY person when they join your team.

Ours is pretty simple: It welcomes the new person, gives them the contact information of each of their upline leaders, as well as the contact information for our company’s corporate offices.

It also reminds them of their distributor ID# and company website address, and then directs them to our training website and to our recorded “Getting Started Webinar”.

We attach a Getting Started Checklist that goes hand-in-hand with the training site, and recommend that they complete these steps within 48 hours.

That may sound like a lot, but the entire email is less than a page long, and gives each new distributor every important piece of information they need to get their business off to a fast start.

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