4 Motivational Tips for “When You Just Don’t Feel Like It”

It happens to the best of us. You wake up one morning and, for whatever reason, you just don’t “feel” like taking any steps toward the achievement of your goal that day.

Maybe you have a headache. Maybe you didn’t sleep well. Maybe you have a lot on your schedule for the day. Or maybe there is just something else you would rather be doing!

It could be that you just don’t feel like going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal. Or maybe you just don’t feel like picking up the phone and calling that prospective business partner. Perhaps you just don’t feel like saving for that investment and would rather go shopping instead.

Reality is, it’s going to happen. So you might as well learn how to deal with it! Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Just Do It (Anyway) — No, I’m not trying to sound like a Nike commercial, but the fact is sometimes you just gotta do what you don’t wanna do. And surprisingly, jumping into action will often lead you right out of that place of “don’t want” and into the place of “do want”. So suck it up and take that first step anyway, then take another… and another… and by the time you are done for the day you will be able to look back at the progress you’ve made and will feel super proud and pleased with yourself for what you’ve accomplished.
  • Review Your Goals — Sometimes all you need to jump into action is a little motivation. That’s what I recommend beginning every single day with a quick review of your goals, as a gentle reminder of WHY you are doing what you’re doing! It’s a great idea to end your day this way too… and will fill your head with pleasant thoughts of the future as you drift off to sleep!
  • Ask Yourself, “Why?” — Okay, don’t spend too long on this one. Quiet reflection can be an excellent distraction from massive action. But if you are consistently “not feeling like it” when it comes to making progress on your goal, maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself and ask yourself WHY? It could be that your goal needs just a bit of tweaking… either to make it more your own, or to make it more powerful for you! Reminding ourselves WHY we are doing something is often a great motivational factor. So don’t be afraid to ask this important question!
  • Get Accountability –– Maybe you’ve tried the three things listed above (and maybe 100 other things as well), and you just keep finding yourself NOT doing the things you know you SHOULD be doing each day. If you are serious about any goal you have in your life, it never hurts to have a little accountability. Find you a like-minded partner who is willing to hold you accountable to the actions you need to take each and every day. This is not hand-holding… having an accountability partner can be a pretty startling reality check. But if you are serious¬†about your goals, then this may be exactly what you need to get you on your way!

None of us are perfect, and no one is going to wake up energized and ready to go after their dreams every single day. The people who achieve those dreams though, will learn how to battle those “blah” feelings, push through and take action anyway.

The power to succeed is within every single one of us. It’s up to you to make sure you activate that power each and every day!

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