3 Types of Video You Can Use to Get More Leads on Social Media

Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience, establish yourself as an expert and lead with value while building your network marketing business. In this week’s episode I’m going to share 3 types of video you can use in your social media posting to help you get more likes and comments (more leads!) through your social media posting!  

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of what we’re talking about. One thing I hear over and over again from people is, “When I AM using Facebook live, what do I talk about? How do I do my Live Video in a way that not only grabs attention, but also brings me leads?”

Live video is intimidating enough… so if you’re going to use it, it should at least be effective, right? That’s why I put together a free Proven Facebook Live Video Formula to help you learn exactly WHAT to say in your live videos to get results.

This PDF download provides you with a step-by-step formula for exactly how to structure your Facebook Lives from the first moment you say hello, until you say goodbye at the end. It’s the same formula industry experts use in their live videos, and it’s proven to help you get results in your live videos.

You can download your copy for free by clicking on the button above, or click here.

Why Use Videos in Your Social Media Posting

As a network marketer working to build your business on social media you can set yourself apart by branding YOURSELF rather than branding your company or products. 

The concept of branding can be a little confusing to some people (especially if you’re just starting out!) so I want to take a few minutes to discuss WHY video is so important before we get into the three types of videos you can use. 

In its simplest terms, to brand yourself simply means you are positioning yourself as the “go-to” person in your niche for your audience. You can focus on branding yourself in the home business niche, or as an in your particular product niche (skincare, health and wellness, makeup, jewelry, etc). 

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert, or even someone who’s had incredible results in order to position yourself in this way! 

By simply providing VALUE to your audience, you are positioning yourself as the go-to person. Instead of constantly pitching your audience on your products or business with the latest product specials and sign-up incentives, learn how to educate, inform and entertain them through your social media posts. 

This is the fastest way to create raving fans who WANT to work with you and buy your products!

Invest – Learn – Teach

Ray Higdon has a powerful strategy for how to share value with your audience called I-L-T. 

These three letters stand for invest, learn, teach and they make it incredibly easy for ANYONE to begin providing value to their audience, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been around for years. 

The I-L-T formula works like this: 

Invest your time and/or money to learn something new, then teach it to your audience! 

This can be as simple as sharing a paragraph you read in a professional development book, or as complex as breaking down your notes from the latest event you attended. By taking what you learn and sharing it with others you are providing value, which is the fastest way to create a strong presence on social media and to establish yourself as the person people WANT to work with and buy from! 

If there is one word I want you take away from this podcast, it’s VALUE. As network marketers it is imperative that we begin learning how to lead with and provide value to our audience instead of turning our social media profiles into a walking informercial. It’s professional, and it really works! 

There are many ways to utilize the ILT formula in your social media posting — you can do it through a simple text posts or through a blog, but one of the simplest and most powerful ways is through video. 


Video #1 | Animated Graphics

Experts say that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. And on Facebook, video posts are already getting more engagement than their static counterparts. 

I want to help you get comfortable with using Facebook Live in your business, but if you’re feeling a little intimidated you don’t have to start there right away. 

One of the simplest ways to incorporate video into your social media routine is through animated graphics. 

We all scroll by tons of beautiful quote images in our newsfeed every single days. I want to encourage you to take it up a notch and begin sharing animated quote graphics instead of just static photos. 

While there are several apps out there that can help you do this (Ripl and Legend are two you can check out), I was so excited to see that my favorite image creator now has an option that allows even the least tech-savvy person to create animated graphics with ease! 

Canva.com is a free custom image program that I use every single day in my business. In fact, at the time of this recording, every graphic you see on this blog was created using Canva! 

While canva is free to use, you can choose to upgrade for $12.95 a month. You get a TON of extra features with this option, but my new favorite is definitely the animated graphic feature. Simply create a quote image just like you normally would, but select the Animated GIF/Movie option when you download it. 

Canva will automatically add beautiful animation to your design and you can upload it to Facebook just like you would a normal photo.

I love this strategy because you don’t have to have any additional technological skills to implement it. If you’re already using canva in your business (if not, why not??) then simply change the download format and canva does the rest! Pretty cool, right? 


Video #2 | Slide Show Videos

I don’t know if “slide show video” is the right technical term, but for lack of a better one that’s what I’m going to go with. 

Slide Show videos combine photos and text (and sometimes your voice) to create a video experience from still shots. In other words, they give you the same vibe as a video, without you having to actually be on camera!

Technology has come a long way in making these kinds of videos super simple — Animoto and Adobe Spark are both great free options for this kind of tool!

Wondering what the heck you want to talk about?

Remember ILT!! I think these videos provide the perfect format for a “how to” video. Let me give you an example:

You read an awesome article on 5 ways to reduce stress naturally. You’re in a health and wellness company, so this topic fits your niche and you’ve decided you want to share this content with your audience!

You could just share the link and provide a few of your own thoughts in the caption. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Or… you could take it a step further and share each tip in a slide show video you title, “How to Reduce Stress Naturally” and share each tip on a different slide in the video! 

Pretty cool, right? 

This strategy can have a bit of a learning curve… but for those of you who are a little technologically savvy, but aren’t quite ready for Facebook lives, it’s a great option that’s been getting really good results inside my own business!


Video #3 | Facebook Live

It’s no secret that live video is where it’s at. Everyone’s talking about it, and live videos are becoming increasingly more common in our newsfeed. That being said, live video still intimidates a lot of people. 

Most people worry about what to say… what to do if they mess up… and wonder how to use this powerful tool to generate leads, customers and new team members. 

Let me break each one of these down for you, so we can hopefully eliminate some of the fear that surrounds this awesome tool! 

What Do I Say? 

Remember, ILT! If this is a new concept for you, I want to encourage you to start with something super simple! Each morning, read 10 pages in a personal or professional development book (you should already be doing this anyway!) — as you read, jot down a couple of key points that stick out to you.

Then, each day for 30 days, do a quick Facebook Live sharing what you learned! 

Keep it short (3-4 minutes is plenty!) and use this time to simply get over your fear of using live video and getting in the habit. 

What If I Mess Up? 

Let me just nip this one in the bud right here: you are going to mess up! And that’s okay! In fact, that’s why people love live video and resonate with it so strongly — it’s raw and real, and that means there will be mess ups! Your dog is going to bark. The door bell is going to ring. You’re going to lose your train of thought. 

Embrace it and recognize that you have to be bad before you can be good, and you have to be good before you can be great! 

How Do I Use Facebook Live to Actually Grow My Business? 

Facebook Live works just like any other method for building your business — there’s a science to it, and it just works better when you know the system! 

You can use my Proven Facebook Live Video Formula to ensure you cover all the steps in the system — like how to start out your Facebook Lives, how to quickly get to the meat of the content so you don’t lose viewers, and how to wrap up your broadcasts with a clear call to action. 

Here’s what I’ve found though — the real beauty in Facebook Live (like everything in our business) happens in the follow up. If someone comments or likes your video, send them a message thanking them for tuning in. Have a conversation… make it about them… then, if you feel like your products or business could fill a need they have, circle back to them a couple of days later and invite them to take a look. 

Don’t use the engagement in your Facebook Live as an opportunity to pitch all your viewers on your products or business. 

Do use it as an opportunity to start a conversation!




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Bonus Tip

If you really want to maximize your results from your social media posts, don’t forget to include a personal touch. When someone likes or comments on one of your videos, use that as an opportunity to reach out and say hello. DON’T pitch them on your business… simply have a conversation! 

Then, if during the conversation you realize they have a need your product or business can fill, circle back to them 48 hours later and invite them to take a look!


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