3 Must-Have Tools You Should Be Using in Your Business Every Day

In this week’s podcast episode I’m going to answer I get asked ALL the time: What tools do you use in your business that you just can’t live without? There’s only a few of them, and today I’m sharing my three favorites that are guaranteed to help you stay more organized, be more productive, and actually have time to work your business without having to sacrifice the things in your life that are so important to you! 

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. This week’s resource is supercharged… you’re going to love it!

I want to do more than just tell you about the tools I use — I want to actually SHOW you how I use them, and how you can get the most out of each tool to be more organized and productive in your business. So today’s free download is a 3-part video series my business partner and I put together called the Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle.

This bundle is a 90-Minute video series where we demo each of the tools I’ll be sharing with you today and share our best tips and tricks while showing you exactly how we use each tool in our business. We even threw in some extra resources and a couple of bonuses, too. You can download your bundle for free by clicking on the image above or just click here.

We all joined our network marketing business because we wanted more freedom. Yes, financial freedom is a big one, but time freedom is just as important. Even so, in the beginning it can feel like we’re actually spending more time working our business… and less doing the things that matter most to us… while getting very little return. 

To a certain extent, that’s just how it is: today you must be willing to do what others won’t, so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t. Even so, if we can put some systems and tools in place to help us get more done in less time, and make the time we spend working our business really count… that’s never a bad thing! 

Today I’m going to share my 3 favorite business-building tools I can’t live without. I use each of these every single day in my business to help me stay organized, be more productive and free up my valuable time so I can get better results in my business while still being able to do the things I love. 

Don’t forget to download the Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle for a full step-by-step tutorial on how to use each of the tools I share with you today!

Must-Have Tool #1 | Google Calendar

I love my google calendar for one simple reason: what gets scheduled, gets done! With this tool I’m able to make sure I make time to do all the things in life that are important to me, while still setting aside 8-10 hours to work my business each week. My Google Calendar helps me identify the free pockets of time I have each week, and I love that it synchs across all my devices. 

A couple of planning tips: 

Plan Your Week Ahead of Time: With Google Calendar you can easily set up recurring events so you aren’t having to enter things over and over again each week. Even so, it’s important to take 15-20 minutes each week to review your upcoming schedule and make any necessary adjustments. For me this happens on Sunday evenings. I can quickly review my calendar, delete or move around any recurring events that may have changed, and add any new commitments for the week. 

Always, Sometimes, Never: It’s important to establish boundaries when you’re working to grow your business and balance it with your life. In the Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle we show you how to identify the times you will always work your business, the times you’ll NEVER work your business, and the times you’ll sometimes work your business so you can be fully present in every area of your life!

Must-Have Tool #2 | Nozbe

Weird name, amazing tool. Nozbe is my go-to app for my To-Do list, and I love that I can use it on my phone, tablet or computer. It allows you to easily segment your tasks based on categories, and set daily priorities so you never forget to take care of the important tasks because of urgent things that come up. 

I’m a big list maker. If i don’t make a list, I end up sitting down to work and spending 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. That’s 20 minutes wasted, and I don’t know about you… but I don’t have time for that! With Nozbe and my Google Calendar I always know exactly when I will be working AND what tasks I need to complete during the time allowed. 

In our Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle we share how to set up your Nozbe to include your most important tasks. These include your daily method of operation for building your business, your social media posting, team responsibilities and the personal/non-business commitments you have in your life.

Must-Have Tool #3 | Cinch Share

Social Media is one of the most important areas of focus for growing your business online. It can also be the biggest time waster — both in terms of how much time you spend there, and what you do during that time. Cinch Share allows me to pre-schedule my social media posts in bulk, so I can focus on my day-to-day income-producing-activities without falling down the Facebook Newsfeed rabbit hole. 

The other thing I LOVE about Cinch Share is it allows me to save and repost things as needed — this is especially important when running virtual events, as you can set the posts up ONCE in cinch share and repeat them as many times as necessary for future events. 

With Cinch Share I can sit down and schedule a month’s worth of important posts in one afternoon, knowing I can continue to focus on my income-producing activities each day while Cinch Share takes care of my social media posting for me. It saves so much time and energy, and helps me get to much more done! 

Cinch Share is $10 per month, but if you get the Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle you can use our code for a 30-Day free trial to test it out. Also in the bundle I give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your first posts in Cinch Share. 

Note of Caution: Not all post pre-schedulers are created equal! Facebook isn’t real big on pre-scheduled posts, and often hides them in the newsfeed. We’ve tested a LOT of platforms, and have found 2 that don’t affect your post reach: Cinch Share and Meet Edgar. I have several friends who use Meet Edgar, but just be prepared that it’s a quite a bit more pricey than Cinch Share. 


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