1. I happily welcome every opportunity that comes my way.
  2. Opportunities come to be quickly and easily.
  3. I am worthy of the success I desire.
  4. People want to do business with me. They find me to be trustworthy and reliable.
  5. I attract positive, enlightened people into my life.
  6. I live positively and only attract the best into my life.
  7. I am a magnet for success and well being.
  8. I attract good fortune.
  9. I am surrounded by authentic relationships.
  10. Success comes easily for me. Things always go my way.
  11. I am constantly improving my habits to be in alignment with my best self.
  12. I am living my best life.
  13. I receive love and gratitude from the people in my life.
  14. I am authentic.
  15. I am fearless.
  16. I am confident.
  17. I live life to the fullest, every day.
  18. Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
  19. Prosperity and opportunity seek me out.
  20. I love that I prosper wherever I turn.
  21. Successful people seek me out.
  22. I know exactly what I want in life and am in possession of everything I need to get it.
  23. I am happy and confident in my own abilities to succeed.
  24. Life is easy for me.
  25. I am full of faith and I am divinely guided.
  26. I want the best for myself.
  27. I live in a constant state of joy and gratitude.

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