2 Steps Grow Your Business in Summer 2013

It’s no secret that many people in our industry hold the belief that summer is the slowest time for business growth.

In looking back at tracking I’ve done in years past, I can clearly see a pattern where that is true even in my own business!

When summer hits, people are busy spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors and traveling on vacations. They are not sitting in front of a computer, looking for ways to earn additional income.


Or wrong?

Are people not looking during the summer months, or is the slow-down in your business a direct reflection of your own mindset and the distractions you allow to get in your way?

Ouch. That hurt a bit. A mentor of mine, Michael Clouse, calls that an inoculation. It might hurt a bit initially, but in a day or two you will be just fine. Much more fine than if you allow yourself to continue on with the belief that “summer is not a good time to build your business.”

Now I’m going to let you in on my own little secret:

Yes, the summer months can be slow. But what if, instead of using that as an excuse to back off, you instead used it as an excuse to work even harder?

The single biggest growth spurt I’ve ever seen in my business happened one year during the summer months. From May – August I worked my tail off and, come fall, I was reaping the rewards of someone who had seen summer as an opportunity instead of an obstacle!

You can create the same story for yourself in Summer 2013! All it takes is the right mindset and some massive action. Here’s how:

Step 1: Get a Goal

For this kind of 90-day push, it’s a great idea to create a goal that falls in line with the Title and Income you wish to have achieved by the end of the summer.

For example, there are a lot of new people on my current team who have set the goal to reach the rank of 2K Diamond Distributor by the end of August.

In this case, this is a GREAT goal — it is clear and specific, challenging, but not unattainable if you work hard. It requires growing your team to around 30 people, and having a monthly sales volume of $2,000.

Take a look at your company’s compensation plan, and set a clear, challenging but attainable goal for yourself… based on where your business currently is… for your Summer 2013 challenge!

Step #2: Create a Schedule

Summer is a busy time for everyone. Kids are out of school, vacations are on the calendar and the warm sun beckons people to venture outside as opposed to spending time indoors in front of their computer screen.

That being said, a clear schedule will help ensure you set aside enough time for your Summer 2013 Challenge, while still being able to take part in all the activities you enjoy most!

When setting up your schedule, it’s important to start with the things you cannot control — for example, your work schedule if you still have a J.O.B., weekly church service, your children’s scheduled activities, etc.

Then, be sure to include time spent with your family — both your kids and your spouse — time for exercise, relaxation, etc.

Finally, fill in the remaining slots on the calendar with the times you will spend working your business. A good number to shoot for is 10-20 hours a week in INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES.

This means — prospecting, presenting, and team training!

If you are just starting out, and don’t have a big team, most of your time needs to be spent prospecting and presenting. It’s important not to get stuck in “management mode”.

There will be other business activities you want to do… such as reading and listening to personal development material, conference calls and webinars, etc. Put your income producing activities on the calendar FIRST, then fill in these additional things where you have time.

Just to give you an example, here’s a look at my own schedule for this summer. On my calendar, a STAR session is a 50-minute time slot spent in income-producing activity.

As you can see, I’ve also included time for church (eLife), time spent at the barn with my horses (recreation and exercise), time spent at the pool (relaxation + a great time for personal development) and have left most of my evenings/weekends open for time family activities.

A few of the other activities on my calendar include a couple of hours each week to help my husband with his business, our Free to Relax Team Hangout (weekly team training), a daily mindset call and time spent each week doing household chores/cleaning.

Success in Summer 2013 is possible for EVERYONE who will follow these steps and then stick with them throughout the next 90-days.

Set a goal, create a schedule, and then GO TO WORK!

Not only will you reap the rewards throughout these busy summer months, but you will position yourself perfectly for MASSIVE GROWTH in the fall, with a full pipeline, a growing team and 3-months worth of momentum carrying you into the busy growth season.


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